405 W South Street
Frederick, MD

Scope of Work:


Murphy Properties purchased the property at 405 West South Street in 2006. 


The 1,025 SF residence, built in 1860, was dilapidated from years of neglect.  After the purchase, Murphy Properties completely renovated the entire house including removing and replacing walls, floors and the main staircase. 


A small addition that had been added to the house was also completely redone including adding a new half bath, new siding and windows.  


A completely new HVAC system was added as well as new electric, smoke detectors, and plumbing.  Brick throughout the interior and exterior was re-pointed and the fireplace was upgraded to gas log.

Rear Elevation - Before
Rear Elevation - After
Living Rm-Fireplace - Before
Living Rm-Fireplace - After
Kitchen - Before
Kitchen - After
Bedroom - Before
Bedroom - After
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