269 Dill Avenue
Frederick, MD

Scope of Work:


Murphy Properties purchased the property at 269 Dill Avenue in 2006.  


The 2,496 SF residence had no running water and numerous problems resulting from roof leaks.


Built in 1910, this American Four Square was in dire need of complete renovation. Murphy Properties and its subcontractors fast-tracked the upgrade and restored the home to its original charm in less than five months. 

The scope of work included a new dual-unit air conditioning system, plumbing, fire alarms and electrical/lighting systems; new boiler and maintenance of radiators; interior framing for new bathroom; plaster repair throughout the house; repairs to damaged wood floors; and repair of wood windows and doors.  The fireplace was also repaired, repointed and upgraded to gas log.

The house was rented for five years and was subsequently sold in 2011.

Dining Room - Before
Dining Room - After
Kitchen - Before
Kitchen - After
Upstairs Bath - Before
Upstairs Bath - After
Utility Area - Before
Bathroom - After
Master Bedroom - Before
Master Bedroom - After
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