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350 West Patrick St-Front Elevation - Af
354 W Patrick St
Frederick, MD

Scope of Work:


Murphy Properties purchased these units at 350-354 West Patrick Street in 2009.  


The three residential properties had been vacant for several years.  Built in 1880, the structures were dilapidated from years of neglect.  Two of the three row houses were small, and were combined to create one larger residence. After the purchase, Murphy Properties applied for and received permits from the City of Frederick and the Historic Preservation Commission to complete extensive renovations.

The scope of work included new HVAC, plumbing, smoke detectors and electrical/lighting systems; new staircases; interior framing for new rooms; repair of existing windows; new kitchen and baths; and exterior painting and improvements.  The existing dirt floor cellar was excavated an additional 18 inches, and a concrete floor was poured to provide dry storage area.

This project represents the LLC's first "purchase to renovate and sell" vs "purchase to renovate and rent".  The first unit sold in January of 2010; the second in March.

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