119 72nd Street
Ocean City, MD

Scope of Work:


The subject property, 119 72nd Street Ocean City, MD, was purchased by Murphy Properties II, LLC on January 10, 2019.  


The original structure was built in 1986.  It had been a while since any improvements had been made to the home.

The building is a 3 story frame structure.  The condo is 921 square feet.  

The kitchen was gutted and new cabinets, appliances, counters, flooring and trim was installed.

All flooring except the bathrooms was removed and replaced with waterproof vinyl planks.

The entire unit was painted and new trim and crown molding installed.

All new furniture was delivered 3/24/2019 - and the unit is now ready for our enjoyment and yours!

Living room pre-renovation
Living room post-renovation
Fireplace pre-renovation
Fireplace  post-renovation
Kitchen pre-renovation
Kitchen pre-renovation-1
Kitchen post-renovation
Kitchen post-renovation-2
Kitchen pre-renovation-3
Kitchen post-renovation-4
Master bedroom pre-renovation
Master bedroom post-renovation
Master bath pre-renovation
Master bath pre-renovation-1
Master bath  post-renovation-2
Master bath  post-renovation
2nd bedroom pre-renovation
2nd bedroom post-renovation
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