713 N Market St
Frederick, MD

Work on this property earned the



from the City of Frederick for 

Bricks and Mortar Rehabilitation

Scope of Work:


The subject property, 713 N Market Street, was purchased by Murphy Properties II, LLC on April 27, 2018. 


The original structure was built in 1890.  It had been divided into two dwelling units, and it had been decades since any improvements had been made to the home.


The house was a 2-story brick structure with 1,520 square feet.  The attic was accessible via pull down stairs, and the basement via a bilco door.  Originally, the home had kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath on each floor.  After renovation, the first floor has a living room, kitchen, dining room, half bath and pantry.  The upstairs has two master suites each with their own bathroom.  The attic has conditioned space for a playroom or an office.  The basement has a slop sink, and storage closets.


The original tin roof was cleaned, primed and painted.  New windows were installed throughout.  All new heating and cooling, all new electric, and all new plumbing were installed.  The outside was scraped and pointed, and painted.   


Three new sets of stairs were installed - to the basement, the second floor, and the attic.  All stairs meet or exceed code in width, height and depth.


The original fireplace was repaired and gas logs installed. 


Original floors were refurbished in the front two sections of the house on both levels.  In the upper rear section of the house where the floors were unsalvageable, vintage wood floors were installed to match the original.

The kitchen floor was out of level due to the deterioration of many of the joists.  All new joists and subfloor were installed, with tile as the new finished surface.


The original joists from the kitchen floor were repurposed into shelves for the pantry.  The original pull down stairs to the attic were repurposed into a wine rack.  Original wood walls from upstairs were repurposed into wainscot for the den/office/dining room on the first floor.  The original French doors which divided the living room and dining room were repurposed into sliders for the new pantry when the main level was made into an open concept.


The back yard was overgrown, mostly filled with poison ivy.  The weeds were removed, the brick patio was restored, and grass was planted.  A new path was installed to reach the rear yard.  New plantings were installed and all beds mulched.


Physical work began in May, 2018, after all permits were granted.  Settlement with the new owner occurred in December 2018.

Front of house pre-renovation
Front scraped, cleaned, pointed, painted
Fireplace pre-renovation
Fireplace post-renovation
Kitchen pre-renovation
Upstairs kitchen pre-renovation
French doors to dining room pre-renovati
French doors repurposed for pantry slide
Stairs to second floor pre-renovation
Stairs to second floor -New Stairs
Kitchen post renovation
Kitchen made to master bedroom
Front bedroom pre-renovation
Bedroom converted to bathroom
Front bedroom post-renovation
Bedroom pre-renovation
Bathroom pre-renovation
Bathroom post-renovation
Attic pre-renovation
Attic post-renovation
Basement pre-renovation
Basement post-renovation
Back yard pre-renovation
Back yard post-renovation
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